Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back 2 school

We are currently in the process of purchasing books and school uniforms for the kids. It is quite expensive like for eparama his school uniform cost around $94.

I remember when I went to school we always had second hand clothes and our text books came from the library. It seems funny now but in high school I was the only kid in school with bell bottom pants. My mother also cut my hair until I was in University. I really should have been treated as a nerd but aborigines can’t be nerds!!! (Perception vs reality) How would a white student who dresses funny, goes to church, scouts, youth group and interested in writing computer programs be normally treated.

My biggest regret in high school was none of us chose to get the year book in my final year as it was a waste of money to get three ie one for each of us

I spent class one in Fiji, then one year in Swan hill, six years in Hopetoun Primary and High then high school at Geelong High. Currently the kids have just been to the same school.

My kids mothers freak every time I tell them to buy the kids second hand clothes. You would think it would be cheaper to go to school in fiji then in Australia but education here is not free


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