Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BBC Hard Talk Lord Owen

This morning I watched an interesting BBC Hardtalk interview with Lord Owen

Lord Owen who I understand was the leader of the Gang of Four who created the Social Democratic Party 25 years ago. Their ideology at the time was economic competitiveness with a belief in social justice.

Its seems that Blair hijacked the majority of the policies and now David Cameron of the conservities is also moving in that direction.

Some of Lord Owens main points in the interview were

Government is not judged by what they do or what they say but by their competence.

Conservative party has gone back to the middle ground. The previous tories lost their grip on reality by talking to much to their zealots. (Reminds me of the US Democrats and Republicans)

Liberal Democrats needs a new young radical leader where the biggest factor they have going for them is a voice for the people against the Iraq war

In politics you have to fight for things and sometimes risk all

Owen was a Youkos chairman and advised Khodorkovsky against going into politics. Putin informed all the olygarchs that he would let them off with their past transgression as long as they don’t get into politics. Well Mikhail Khodorkovsky the Youkos CEO did not listen and now he is paying the consequences.

He thinks the conservatice will win the next election and Blairs legacy will be tainted by the aftermath of the Iraq war and the new European Constitution.

My take is that I follow the ideology of economic competitiveness with a belief in social justice.

There are three main economic ideologies which I will use in the terms of baking a cake.

You have the social ideology which is basically government will cook the cake and distribute based on governments priorities.

The SDP ideology which is, lets focus on making a bigger cakes so that we can have bigger slices eg Bigger slices of Education and health services.

Then there is the free market ideology which is government will bake a small cake and other non essential services will have to bake their own

Tony Blair and Cameron fits into the SDP ideology where as Bush falls into Baking a bigger cake but only increase the slices for his backers and if need be use the grains for the next crop

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