Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick way to reduce an image to jpeg.

I was emailed a photo of our tryboys photo but needed a quick way to reduce the image. I didnt have any image reducing software so I used the following step that is able to reduce any size picture to less then 50k.

The following steps are a quick way to reduce an image to jpeg.
1. open the image
2. Press print screen button which puts the image into the clipboard
3. Open paint which can be found at Start/All Programs/Accessories
4. Paste the image
5. Copy the image you want by first using the select tool to cover the image to be reduced and then copy the new image ie click edit/past
6. Create a new paint file, then paste the image.
7. Resize box around the image and save the file as a jpeg extension
8. Now you have a new image with a small footprint that is able to be viewed on the internet without the excessive use of bandwith


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

Thank you George. That is really useful information. I will save it and also pass on the tips to a couple of friends who need to fix their pics.

12:07 pm  

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