Thursday, January 12, 2006

China has tripled its surplass for 2005.

I watched on the bbc news how China's trade surplas has tripled

Now the economic progress of China doesn’t supprise me as shown in China overtakes US as supplier of IT goods

I also think the buying yuan has to be one the best investments in 2006.

I understand china is now the biggest country buying dollars if that is so and the Yuan is revalued wont China lose a significant amount of their investment.

In terms of the mcdonalds currenty indicator the yuan should at least double in value to match the us Dollar. In the Big Mac index there are 27 countries who are less then US and 6 that are more. EU is more then US so I would say that the US and EU currencies are overvalued in terms of the rest of the world. That must have a large factor in purchasing chinese goods

In fiji over the last 5 years we have had a huge influx of chinese due to the corruption at immigration. Since then streets, neighbourhood store and a large number of food shops have changed owners from Indian owners to chinese owners.

The chinese in Fiji is good for fiji’s economy and hopefully they will migrate to my area on the second biggest island of fiji


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