Thursday, January 12, 2006

Muslim rite of Hajj

Yesterday the majority of my muslim staff was on leave due to the Muslim rite of hajj. In Fiji it is a day when you see a large number of beggars sitting outside the mosques.

As part of their festival they will slaughter a cow/goat. One third of the animal will be given to the family, one third to friends and one third to poverty.

So yesterday afternoon I was given my bags of meat by a workmate. My question to him was that there are not enough poor people in fiji to give one third of an animal.His reply was that that people at the mosque will ration it out every month.

My previous experience experience with muslims was as boxing promoters and taxi drivers. Now after working with Muslims for more the one year I can say that it has been a very good experience and it is a disconnect to how they are portrayed on television


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