Thursday, January 12, 2006

PTI - Dwight Freeney

Kornheisner started of Pardon the interruption welcoming his fellow Americans. I wonder if he realises that someone in fiji is blogging about him

Dwight freeney of the Indianapolus Colts is huge. I don’t think I have seen someone with wider shoulders.

I was first introduced to feeney in a Dr Z article predicting that he would have the majority of sacks for rookies. It must have been one of only a few predictions that Dr Z has got right.

I always root for undersized NFL players and Freeneys book has been to slow down at the end of the season. Hopefully he has recovered after the four week break

Dwight Feeney was very calm and confident. I wonder if Steelers will get motivation out of the interview as the Panthers are currently motivated about one of the Bear comments.

In other news Sutter was chosen in the Hall of Fame. The baseball hall of fame is one of the biggest talking points in sport. This is an organisation that has allowed steroid abuse to fester to get back its mojo. Not picking Macguire in the hall next year sounds hypocritical to me. Some of my favourite sports magazines where about the bash brothers

I understand that you have to be sports writer for a paper or magazine to vote in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Sorry people are now getting their sports from cable or the internet. If voting continues in this way its going to be irrelevant to generation @

Classic Ron Artest quote about playing in the Olymics: I may be not a class act but I am an American. I would select him and Ben Wallace for the USA Basketball team. I can see the value of having scary players against European Countries.

Players availability for Olympics significantly effects my opinion of them.

I agree the Eagles should trade T.O especially to a hopeless team just so they can get extra satisfaction. I have a personal grudge after he dissed my favourite quarterback


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