Thursday, January 12, 2006

Need for higher resolution images for the pacific

In the latest blog post from Google it announces that Google Earth has left Beta.

Google Earth is an amazing application. I just wish that they could get higher resolution images for Fiji.

I used to head a spatial section for an organisation that administers 90% of the land in Fiji. We first started an LIS section in the late 1980's using infomap then went to infocad and finally mapinfo. I wrote a vb front end that could show which lease were in arrears due for reassement or expiries. Nearly all the functionality what we trying to achieve is now in Google Earth

I have always championed the free access of Fijian spatial data and Google Earth has now made my arguments moot.

We are now in the process of trying to incorporate our spatial data into SAP. That is a very expensive exercise and if we could get Google Earths images for Fiji at the same level of detail as US I am sure things would be easier.

Problem in fiji though might not be technical but more political in terms of coordinatoing all different departments

Update: 25 Jan 2005
Google has just added two more zoom levels in Google Local's Satellite So now you can see more detail. Actually Google Earth has the name of my tribe's land "Matana" and you can faintly see my beach at 16'25'04.22 S 179'16'09.44E

Nearly There in terms of Pacific images. Thanks again Google.


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