Saturday, January 14, 2006

Around the Horn - NFL Playoff

The following are the talking points from ESPN Around the Horn.

I like patriots but Vegas making Denver favourites worries me. What do they know that I don’t. I am not sure if I trust the snake in the playoffs.

Colts vs Steelers game will depend on which Colts teams turns up

I will go for Carolina as I don’t think bears will score enough points, Rex grossman first playoff games. John Fox is 4-1 in the playoffs and Steve smith.

Tatupu is my guy and I like the redskins. I have been bloggin about Tatupu so I want him to get the Superbowl.

Recovery time from serious injuries has totally changed in the last ten years. Carson Parmer will be ready next year. Bengles still have a good team without him.

Steve Disanfracis has been a headache for Orlando and best comment by Jackie Mcallan was that Francis needs to grow up.

J.A adande minute of fame talked about remembering the 1966 Texas Western NCAA final against Kentucky. Reminds me that I am going to have to post about the 1988 olympic team


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