Friday, January 13, 2006

Ten new websites that you should know about

The following links are what I found where the best one is new websites that you should know about

A link with actual real stats showing how Slashdot will still be around for a long time

Slasdot articles on Dr. Who on Sci-Fi Channel in March and St Lawrence of Google

In the St Lawrence of Google article it states "they're trying to build the machine that will pass the Turing test' -- in other words, an artificial intelligence that can pass as a human in written conversations. Wisely or not, Google wants to be a new sort of deus ex machina"

I believe google can do it if they are not already there. I remember arguing with my psychology tutor at University when I stated that it is possible to create something to think. I dont think though people are ready to accept a computer that can think on a large scale.


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