Friday, January 13, 2006

PTI - Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger of Pitsburg Steelers was the 5 minut interview of Pardon the Interuption. Pretty standard interview which is what bad about majority of sports interview says a lot but nothing special.

Main points from Rothlisberger was that Steelers will have to play a perfect game and the colts need to have a subpar game. Rother was an All state receiver.

The odds segment was pretty good where main predictions being discussed where

Lendall White outrushes Vince Young. Both Kornheisner and Wilbourne think it’s around 50% which supports my argument about Vince Young. How can you pick Vince Young as number one running back when you think there is a good change that Vince’s backup Lendall White will outrush him in the NFL.

I think duke will have around 50% chance of winning the NCAA final.

Brangelina going the distance Kornheisner gives 1%. There has to be some possibility right!!

Who is Bode miller?. Is this a marketing gimmick to get his name into peoples radars. I never knew who he was until PTI. Bode has won silver medals at the last Olympics. I always thought the slalom were dominated by European countries. I am now interested in how he will go in the Olympics.

Michelle wie is currently struggling at the Sony open. I was interested last year but I think when she wins a few womens tournament she will come back into my rader.

Reminds me what has happened to freddy adu. Some players are able to dominate age groups but not able to perform in open grades

Detroit second big win of San Antonia Spurs. Main factor in both wins was the rebounding factor. This is domination that could actually emotionally scar the spurs in the finals. Detroit Pistions prime example of what is good about basketball

Interesting comment by kobe in how he doesn’t always have to carry the team. I can’t see this team going deep in the playoffs unless they get Artest. Kobe, Odom and Artest what are the chances of something going real bad with that combination.

Mark Messia emotional farewell was pretty special. Comment about how he learn’t about life through the Twin Towers tragedy.

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