Saturday, January 14, 2006

Talking points from the Detroit Car show

Crossovers car are the future not SUV's. So really a smaller SUV with less performance and more fuel efficiency

For the last twenty years US car makers have been talking about performance this is the first year the car makers have talked about Fuel economy

I never realised that diesel wasn’t popular in the US and Car makers are talking about introducing diesel fuelled cars in the US. Diesal cars are very popular in Fiji. I actually think they should go straight to Flexi ethanol cars

Chrysler has 1.2 million Ethonal units but the problem is the enthanol distribution infrastructure is not set up. An example is there are only only two petrol stations in Michigan that pump ethonal

DVD’s games consoles in new games coming into new vehicles. Sound like pimping the vehicle show at MTV

A link to more information on the Detroit motor Show


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