Sunday, January 15, 2006

Search Engine Comparisons after One Months of Blogging

It in now now nearly five weeks of Blogging at Really. I use a tool that identifies search position in Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, FAST and ALTAVista.

The majority of hits here are from my searches for Eddie Gurrero from Google. Yahoo, AOL and MSN searches are catching up though as Google hasnt indexed this site for more then one week. MSN seems to be the quickest in picking up posts and putting them in there index

I might have been put in a google sandbox after on the 10th of Jan after I created a blog which linked to every post in this blog. I have deleted all posts from that blog, hopefully that will change things on googles end

I have a canary for each of the Search engines to determine if the strength of the blog has increased or decreased.

One thing I can tell though is that they all have totally different alogrithms which I will explain my expereinces going forward


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