Saturday, January 14, 2006

WWWE - Finishing Moves

Went to the Suva pool today and the kids were asking to do all these wrestling finishing moves on them which I didn’t know the names of. As I seem to be blogging more about wrestling this is a primer on WWE Finishing Moves

The following are the Smackdown Stars Finishing Moves
Wrestler Finishing Move Type of Move
The Big Show Chokeslam Chokeslam
Chavo Guerrero Frog Splash Frog Splash
Chris Jericho Walls of Jericho Boston Crab
Chris Masters Master Lock Full Nelson
Edge Spear
Eugene Rock Bottom
Rock Bottom
The Hurricane Reverse Neckbreaker Reverse Neckbreaker
John Cena F-U Fireman's Carry Slam
Kane Chokeslam Chokeslam
Kurt Angle Ankle Lock Submission Ankle Lock Submission
Ric Flair Figure-Four Leg Lock Figure-Four Leg Lock
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music Super Kick
Tajiri Brain Buster Brain Buster
Triple H Pedigree Double-Arm Front Face Driver

The following is the Raw Finishing Moves

Wrestler Finishing Move Type of Move
Batista Batista Bomb Sitdown Powerbomb
Booker T Scissors Kick Scissors Kick
Chris Benoit Crippler Crossface Crossface Submission
Christian Unprettier Impaler
Hardcore Holly Alabama Slam Inverted Catapult Bomb
John Bradshaw Layfield Clothesline From Hell Running Lariat
Orlando Jordan Bareback Bareback
Randy Orton RKO Front-Face Neckbreaker
Rey Mysterio West Coast Pop Springboard Hurrican rana
The Undertaker Tombstone Reverse Piledriver
Brock Lesner
F5 F5


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

not good! Wrestling is for show isn't it - but the moves sounds rather frightful. Kids might get hurt if they imitate what they see! Okay?

9:22 pm  

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