Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Personal: New Zealand Visitors Visa

Bale wrote her fist email yesterday on GMAIL with my help and today she created her first email by herself at an internet Cafe.

Bale is still waiting for her Visitors Visa to New Zealand so being able to email me will really cut down our communication costs for one month. Bale’s Aunty is really getting worried as the wedding is on Saturday and they still don’t have their visa. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow and they can get a flight in the next few days.

I am not looking forward to looking after the kids by my self for one month.

I have recovered from my panic attack that occurred last week. Everything is calm here funny how I never though I would react that way from a perceived threat.

Jordan is now writing emails to his Grandmother and I am making sure I check what he is surfing on the internet. Currently he is only looking for wrestlers on google image. I make sure the safe search setting is on.

I had one of my best weekends for a long time jut staying home surfing the internet and watching the NFL playoff on Sunday


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