Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Women Leaders Breaking Political Glass Ceiling

I am happy to see another women leader.

Following is the inroduction of the above link.
The global glass ceiling of government cracked a bit more Monday, with the inauguration of the first woman in history to be elected head of an African nation.

The swearing-in of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Liberia's new president came just a day after another historic moment for women - the election Sunday of Michelle Bachelet to become Chile's first female president.

And in elections in Finland on Sunday, Tarja Halonen, the first woman president there, took 46 percent of the vote in her re-election bid. She will now face a runoff, but Finnish political experts say she is expected to win handily over two male opponents.

These results cap a remarkable three months for women world leaders, which began in November with the election of Angela Merkel as Germany's first female chancellor.

Interesting how there is a significant move to having Women Leaders, which I totally support and yet a significant section of the anglican church and catholic church do not accept them as ministers.

I wonder how much influence the Queen has had in the movement of woments rights over the last sixty years. I would bet that she had a significant influence in just being the leader of all the commonwealth countries.


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