Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google: We Wont Pay Broadband Cyberextortion

BellSouth and Verizon have been trying to force big Web sites to pay extortion-type fees if the sites want adequate bandwidth, with Google a prime target. But Google has news for them: It won't pay.

Other current Google links of note from Digg are

Alexa reports that Google Surpasses MSN in Traffic

Stores paint rooftop logos for Google Maps so hoping the mapping satellite passes over their shop. Hopefully they can also pass over Fiji with that level of detail

The latest Google Blog talks about merging all IM and Internet voice calling services. It is a good step, I use MSN Messenger to communicate to consultants overseas. When GTalk is able to communicate to AIM, Yahoo and MSN then their will be significant take up of Google Talk.

Would it be in Yahoo or MSN's best interest to joing the federation?


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