Monday, January 23, 2006

NFL Championship Games Ramblings

Didnt watch the games as I had another important meeting. But followed the majority of the games on the internet. All I can say is yeeeeesss.

{warning I am now blowing my own horn}

I have been blogging about Vince young and against USC and Vince Young demolishes USC. I have been pimping Lofa Tatupu for the Pro Bowl, then Defensive Rookie of the year and then Rookie of the year and his defense holds steves smith and then he knocks out the running back Nick Goings. {Nick just bad luck man I am still supporting you}

I am writing about Pacific Islanders in NFL and dream matchup occurs two teams with a large number of Pacific Islanders. Lofa Tatupu vs Troy Polamalu dream matchup.

Said I couldnt see Denver beating Steelers and Jake Plummer would self destruct in one of the playoff games.

Thought tatupu could hold smith but more importantly thought smith not recognizing Jake Delhomme in his last PTI was a bigger factor. No use being the best wide receive in the NFL if the quarteback cant throw straight. Funny how smith usually performs by being dissed and then he disses his quarterback by not mentioning his value.

I wanted Jerome Bettis to play his final game in Detroit. This is something that came in my Radar when Bettis was interviewed in Pardon the Interruption with his Notre Dame cap.

Bettis really looks one of my relations in Nadi, Fiji.

What I did get wrong is I thought Goings would do better, Panthers had a good chance of winning. But if I am currently on a lucky streak and picking the right things why arent I getting search engine hits. So be it.

New ramblings

Matt Hassleback doesnt look like and sound like a NFL quarteback sounds like a new england college graduate. I was going to blog about his PTI interview which was very natural. His responses just seem genuine

I have now just decided that Seattle Seahawks is the team I want to win in the Superbowl. But I did blog before that I thought Seattle would make the superbowl and then lose to Patriots or Colts. Pittsburgh Steelers beat colts so they should be favourites.

Tatupu should now be rookie of the year any other person is like saying Vince young will not be taken by Houston Texans. Tatupu wont be chosen though. Reminds me of the story Dr Z wrote of how a friend rated one of the best defensive lineman in the nineties was a samoan who I never heard of. Pacific Islanders are not good at self promotion so are low profile except on the field

Thanks to bill simmons for picking the panthers which makes it around 10 in a row that he has gone wrong with panthers

I am now dreading just blogging mainly blogging about NBA basketball until the next NFL season. Basketball just doesnt get exciting until after the first round of playoffs. Only be watchable if you have a fantasy NBA team but mine has self destructed.


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