Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blog Update: O URL where art thou?

I decided that this weekend I am going to look for my missing URL's from Google, Yahoo and MSN. For some stupid reason I tinkered with my Best hitting URL's and now they are lost in the main Search Engines. So I have looked for high ranking similar posts and used trackbacks to point back to the lost URL in the hope that they can be included again. Today some of them were included for around 30 or so minutes then they became lost again.

Seems like URL's are mimicking the behaviour of the stranded people in the TV series Lost.

I cant see what I am doing is Evil as if your posts can't be seen then this is just a personal growth exercise and not the start of journey to try and change my my destiny:)

I am also playing around with sending links through emails which I think for new content actually does include URL's in some Search Engines. If things dont improve at least I can include the SEO knowledge I have picked up in my resume.

I haven't played computer games since I started Bloggin and have only watched a few DVD's. But I think that has more to do to have unlimited internet access.


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