Tuesday, January 24, 2006

PTI - Kobe Bryant 81 Points

Kobe Bryant, often unstoppable, played at a higher level than even he imagined possible. Kobe Bryant 81 points was phenomenal peformance for the Los Angelos Lakers on Sunday night -- the second-highest total in NBA history -- in a 122-104 victory over the Toronto Raptors.
Only Wilt Chamberlain's storied 100-point game nearly 44 years ago ranks higher

Points to remember in Kobe Bryant 81 Point performance against Toronto
  • Kobe scored 55 points in one half
  • Kobe shot 7 three pointers were as in Wilts day there was no threes
  • Kobe scored 18 points as foul shots
  • Toronto is the 4th worst team in the NBA
  • Toronto Rapters is the second worst defensive team
  • Lakers beat the Rapters by 18 points
  • Lakers are 22-19 and are third in their division
  • Kobe did not thank any of his teammates at the interview after the match
  • Lamar Odom who is the second leading scorer for the lakers only made one shot.

I found out about the performance on the internet and was only thinking what the talking heads would say about such a huge performance. For me Kobe Bryants 81 points was possible after he increased my envelope in his 62 point performance in three quarters.

As I have said the NBA basketball season doesn’t really start until the finals so see this like an exhibition game performance in the NFL. Note I am biased because I don’t like people threatening Jordan’s legacy and I like team basketball.

The question I have is if Shaq was playing for the Lakers would they be 22-19?. I still believe that Kobe is to much of a destructive influence to go far in the playoffs unless he gets significant help.

Anyway Kobe Bryants 81 points was a LA performance.

Bill Simmons take on Koby Bryants 81 points can be found at Kobi meet destiny


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