Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hamas vs Fatah Palestinian parliamentary election

United States and the international community are bracing for the possibility of a Hamas victory over Fatah in the Palestinian parliamentary election Wednesday.

I actually think Hamas will win and that is my main problem with Democracies is when parties that win election have a good chance of wrecking the democracy. I would also bet the if given the chance the religous parties would also win in the other middle eastern countries. But I had the same worry about Ex Communist countries which has not eventuated.

One thing I have noticed in elections where the majority of the people feel oppressed is their first choice in the elections are parties of their own race and religous beliefs.

In Fiji people have two votes one on what race you are and the second is an open seat for all races. You can usually tell who is going to win the open seat if it is either dominated by Fijians or Indians. The only people that vote for the best candidate are usually well educated and middle class. The rich usually have self interest in one of the parties

I understand in the Palestinian situation there is really no racial but a religious divide that separates them.

If Hamas wins I would not negotiate with them until the Hamas Leaders state that they accept that the israelies have a right to Israel. What constitues Israel can still be debated though.

After Evo Morales presidential speech and the Palestinian Parliamentary election it show futher sign of the Indeginous movements progress

I have had interesting debates on who are the indigenous people of Israel and that topic would make a good discussion once I get more traffic.

My take on Hamas win in the Palestinian parliamentary election


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