Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ford Motor Company Cuts North American Operations by 25 Percent

The article states that the Ford Motor Company Cuts North American Operations by 25 Percent.

The Detroit-based Ford Motor Company, which has been until recently the world's second-biggest automaker, says it is restructuring its North American operations, which includes closing 14 manufacturing plants during the next six years.

Mr. Ford spoke indirectly of the company's intention to reduce its North American work force by up to 30,000 during the next six years.

I previously blogged about Chrysler CEO Tom lasorda. who was fourth generation worker at Chrysler compared to William clay Ford jr which is the great-grandson of Henry Ford.

One thing I know is that from the 3rd generation onwards is usually the time when family owned business start to fail especially when the original owners no logner have a significant control in the company.

Going back to the original article states "The restructuring also does little to address Ford's huge health-care costs, which are similarly tied to its agreement with the union."

Is this health care costs issue trying to shift the radar to the real problems which is producing cars that are of similar quality and value as overseas cars and the perception of buying american cars.

I am guessing that some people buy overseas cars just so that are not seen as being part of bush's group.

I remembering reading a poll last month of major auto executive that said that one of the big American Auto companies will be bankrupt soon. I really hope its not Ford Motor Company as I had a lot of friends in Geelong Australia who worked/working for Ford.


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