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2006 NFL Mock Draft Vince Young

The following is my 2006 NFL Mock Draft with a focus on Vince Young. This is a preview of the 2006 NFL Draft and the draft board will be continually updated when new information is received on the NFL prospects.

I am only going to focus on the Top ten 2006 NFL draft prospects and then Pacific Islanders in the 2006 NFL Draft.

1. Houston Texans -Vince Young, QB Texas

Reasons to pick Vince Young
  • Vince Young Rose Bowl was best performance in a National championship against NFL type players and was leading the nation in passing efficiency before the Rose Bowl
  • Espn college game day crew all chose Vince Young as number one
  • X factor in terms of leadership and belief
  • Texas owner Bob Mcnairs two sons went to Texas Longhorns and one of them is heading the scouting department for the draft
  • Houston Native with first pick potential. Would San Francisco 49ers pick alex smith over vince young
  • Gary Kubiak is houston native that went to school at Texas A&M and his quarterback coach at Texas A&M is Longhorns offensive coordinator
Reasons not to pick Reggie Bush
  • Dominick Davis is a good running back and Jerome Mathis is a pro bowl kick returner so not much extra value in choosing Reggie Bush
  • If Tennasee titans pick Young it will be in the same division as the texans!!
  • LenDale White may have more rushing yards then Bush in the NFL
  • LaDanian Tomlinson who I consider the best running back in the NFL is not in the playoffs
  • David Carr NFL leader in fumbles and the increase in passer rating has come from a 30% reduction in yards per games and 25% reduction in yards per attempt so less interceptions and wins. So Quarterback is the weakness

2. {To be Determined} - Matt Leinart, QB USC
I think New Orleans will trade this pick so it could be one of Leinart, Young or Bush.

Reasons for New Orleans to Trade Pick
  • Drew Brees has been signed as Quarterback so major need has been addressed
  • After top three there is a huge drop in value when comparing the players.
  • Drew Brees performed well in Sandiego with an originally low rated offensive line so the major need is in defense. I would trade down and get ngata

3. Tennessee Titans –Reggie Bush, RB USC
  • One of the best College Running Back performance is recent years
  • Chris Brown averaged 57 yards a game
  • Steve Mcair is still performing well e. g 3000Yds/16TD
4. New York Jets – D‘Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia
5. Green Bay Packers – Mario Williams, DE North Carolina State
6. San Francisco 49ers – A.J. Hawk, OLB Ohio State

7. Oakland Raiders – Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
Sorry Tui but Cutler is looking like the one that will be passing to Moss and Co.
There is the normal hype where some talking heads are saying that Cutler is better then Young and Leinart.

Raiders are my team and if Young ends up here and loses his posse then things look good for the Raider Nation. Still got a gut feeling the Young will end up with Texans but not sure which number. Iis Young's posse and wonderlick score a tactic in reducing his value for a texans draft trade!!

8. Buffalo Bills – Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon
9.Detroit Lions – Michael Huff, S, Texas
10. Arizona Cardinals – Winston Justice, OT, USC

Pacfic Islanders in 2006 NFL Draft
One thing I know is that Pacific Islanders are not drafted well compared to their performance in the NFL. Take Junior Seau drafted at 183, Tatupu at 45 and Polamalu at 16. Funny how you see the team lineups at the start of the game and you see these Pacific Islanders from unheard of Schools

The following is my first cut of pacific Islanders in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Haloti Ngata DT Oregan Height: 6-6 | Weight: 365 | 40-Time: 5.50 Tongan
Good rugby player so very versatile and active. Projected to be in the top ten 10.

Most dominate Polynesian athlete ever is Jonah Lomu who was a tongan I am getting his vibes on Ngata where the only risk is that he needs to be drafted in a team with a large number of polynesians mainly because of the trajic loss of his two parents.

Taitusi Deuce Lutui OG | (6'6", 370, 5.5) | USC Tongan
Lutui has received all-American honors is is now one of the top guard prospects in the draft

Taitusi Lutui has a good deal of upside and should develop into a very good guard at the professional level.

Major risk is his weight so need to find the right team otherwise it will blow like Fonoti after a few seasons.

Fred Matua OG USC 6-2 / 305- Samoan
Matua all american in 2005, who brings a defensive lineman's mentality to the offensive line and is His distant cousin is Manu Tuiasosopo, father of Oakland Raiders quarterback Marques Tuiasosopo.

With the help of Lutui opened the holes and protected three number one draft choices. Will be a good guard in the NFL

These 1, 2 articles on the USC’s Offensive line

Steve Fifita DT | (5'11 ", 323, 5.14) | UTAH Tongan
I watched the bowl game when Fifita was defensive MVP of Utah's Fiesta Bowl win over Pittsburgh. That Utah team had more islanders in both the defensive and offensive lines then I can remember in a Bowl game. Only competion in terms of number of islanders would be USC.

Anywa Fifita was dominant in that game I have no worries that Fifita will be able to peform in the NFL and I would take him in the first day.

Albert Toeaina OT | (6'5", 355, 5.5) | TENNESSEE Samoan
Invited to the Senior Bowl , Toeaina has nasty demeanor on the field and still has some upside. Project as the 31 as OT interestinlg he was projeted as the 76 in USA Today draft preview so I think the constant changes to the offensive line has effected the perception of Toeain

Had some character issues but that could be because he was based in Tennessee but he should be okay in the NFL

Jesse Mahelona Height: 6-2 | Weight: 297 | 40-Time: 5.05 TENNESSEE Samoan
Classic one-gapper who is among the best pass rushing interior linemen in the draft should be taken in the first day.

Found to be only 6ft which scouts say will effect his draft. Speed, height and weight issues are overated for Islanders. Look at Tatupu.

Donovan Raiola OC | (6'2", 297, 5.3) | WISCONSIN hawaiian
Dominic Raiola’s brother and ranked 57 in last years USA today 2006 Draft preview. Is now ranked as the 10th best Centre.

I followed Raiola at Nebraska and is performing well at Detroit. I think Donovan can have a productive NFL Career. Detroit may actuall be a good place for fonoti to go.

Bristol Olomua TE | (6'5", 236, 4.65) | TEXAS TECH Hawaian
Invited to the combine and presence and size is rare at the position, and he has good agility and effortless fluid with good vertical leaping ability and the a soft pair of hands.

Had some acadamic problems and I am Not Sure

Lee Foliaki ILB | (6'1 ", 241, 4.68) | TEXAS A&M Tongan
Named the Big 12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year but was injured for a large part of the season not much information on him.

Not Sure

BYU used to get the cream of Islanders but in the last few years the have been going to USC, Utah and southern teams.

Manaia Brown DT | (6'2", 315, 4.85) | BRIGHAM YOUNG samoan
Not much information but has just come back from a serious neck injury. Expected to be drafted in the second day

Vince Feula DT | (6'0", 300, 5.3) | BRIGHAM YOUNG

Naufahu Tahi FB | (6'0", 230, 4.75) | BRIGHAM YOUNG

Manase Hopoi DT | (6'3 ", 288, 5.2) | WASHINGTON

Hopoi, who had 3 sacks against USC last season and can play some defensive end is projected tobe drafte in the second day.

One of the toughest games in Rugby is when Tonga, Samoa and Fiji play each other and that was stated by an ex all black Tuigamala playing for Samoa.

I am guessing Hopoi 3 sack performance against USC was because he was playing against all the islanders of USC. I am guessing that Hopoi has good upside just needs the right team.

Lafaele (Vaka) Manupuna DT | (6'0 ", 290, 5.35) | COLORADO
Manupuna is an intense defender with good intangibles. Limited growth potential restricts his upside for the next level.

Only worry is his strength but have read that he will be an asset to a roster as a seventh\ eighth lineman.

Islanders that don’t have good strength ratings are a worry.

A more authoritive view of the 2006 NFL draft can be found at 2006 NFL Mock Draft


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Ladanial Thomas?
I'm sure you mean LaDanian Tomlinson. If you don't even know his name, I can't take anything you write seriously... ever.

6:30 pm  
Blogger George said...

Thanks for that I have updated Tomlinson's name. Pretty bad miss as I had him in my fantasy team in Ladanian rookie season.

The following is my views on grammar in this blog

I am also interested if I have missed any pacific Islanders.

7:39 pm  
Blogger George said...

I accepts contructive criticism but comments relating to my percieved lack of intellectual capabilities will be deleted unless backed up with good arguments.

3:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be ok with Houston taking Vince Young if that is who they wanted. However, I think they could trade down a spot or two to get him. I think that Young, Leinart, and Bush will all struggle in their rookies seasons. We will have to judge them on their career. I am not sure I buy the argument that a good running back is not important. It is true that Tomlinson and the Chargers missed the playoffs, but on the flip side, the Steelers were one of the better running teams and the Seahawks had the rushing champion, and they both played in the Super Bowl. In my mock draft, I happen to have the Texans taking Bush, just because he is a playmaker that is too hard to pass up. If you would like to see my mock draft, feel free to visit at

P.S. Don't let those guys give you a hard time when you make a grammar mistake. Just keep working hard and writing!

Best Wishes,

2:49 pm  
Blogger George said...

Read an ESPN article by whitlock concerning Vince Youngs Posse, and its nots flattering. I still think Vince has a chance to be selected by the texans but it probably wont be First.

I still have a gut feeling that Vince Young will be most valuable player from this draft.

11:52 am  
Blogger George said...

It seems as Texans GM Casserly has made too many blunders so Owner McNair and new head coach Gary Kubiak will make the decision. Casserly was my biggest risk in Houston not selecting Vince Young.

Mcnair will be privately interviewing Young and Bush. Can just see how that will pan out. Texan Young vs brash bush

I believe wonderlick score is useful but like like height/speed stats for Islanders their is a different curve for African Americans. My understanding is Young graded better the steve mcnair and donavan mcnabb on the wonderlick.

Best comment about vince from the draft was Green Bay packers General Manager Ted Thompson who said.

"I'll go back to the Sam Bowie situation," Thompson said. "If you have a chance to get Michael Jordan, you get Michael Jordan."

12:13 pm  
Anonymous George said...

So the texans have signed Mario Williams in what will go down one of the best drafts of the NFL and another example of casserly management skills at the texans.

The more I read about mario williams the more he reminds me of mike mamula. Even though he has fast forty on film he looks a bit slow

I hope Young now gets drafted by the titans so the texans can see what they miss twice a year

In my view Young, Leinart and Bush was way ahead of everyone else and the williams pick will be karma effect on the texans for not selecting young

2:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

could you be any wronger??

2:50 pm  
Anonymous George said...

You are right I only got seven of my top ten in the top ten and no teams right.

Must be one of the worst mock drafts out there but it is going to be my record going forward to see if I am right about young, bush, leinart, cutler, ngata, lutui and fifita.

6:11 pm  

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