Wednesday, January 25, 2006

ESPN Buys Pixar look for an animated sports film

Pixar Animation Studios, whose films have garnered critical acclaim with both domestic and overseas audiences, is being bought tomorrow by Disney for $7 billion. Steve Jobs, as the CEO of Pixar, will become the largest shareholder in Disney.

From what I understand Disney is paying more then $9.00 a share over what the real value is. I am going to predict that this is going to be another example of where the culture of the company that was bought takes over the buyer. I would also guess that Steve Jobs influence on the Disney board will be a huge positive

Other Digg News

Yahoo gives up quest for search dominance. I understand lost a quarter of searches over the last year and just by results for this blog I am only getting 5% search engine hits from Yahoo. Google is just to fast reminds me of the Cold War got to a stage where Russia just couldnt keep up any more with the progress of the West so changed direction.

I think competition is good so this is disappointing news.

The following link is a wesbite that can check if your website posts has been copied on in my case ownere detecting stuff I copied from other sites. Might have to include some spelling mistakes in the content

The last link is at test for colorblindess

Latest Yahoo blog states "Are you Kidding". So Yahoo is still in the competition


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