Friday, January 27, 2006

Google Restricting China Search

My take on Google restricting searches from people in China are
  • A significant way to change regime is to give them access to accurate information.
  • I would rather Google supply the information then a chinese search provider eg
  • China just eclipsed Britian as the 4th largest economy in the world and is increasing at least 9% every year.
  • There is an expected growth of an extra 100 million internet users in china in the next two years
  • Chinese people will still be able to find what they want if they are motivated so Google is not stopping them from getting access
  • Google act is not evil

On other Google News you are now able to Watch NBA Games on Google Video.

I am an NBA fan as shown by my oldest son is named Jordan. The problem I see is that its too expensive as in Fiji I can purchase four DVDs for US $3.95 and in the US you can buy Lost tv episodes for $1.99.

Sport is good live that is why it is one of the best reality tv shows. Personally I wouldn't want to watch a reality TV show when I know the result. In fact I cant remember the last time I watched sports event when I already knew the result.

Anyway Google Video is on the right track but I think Films and TV series are the way forward.
For me I would only download and pay for a Special sports story, Shows like PTI, BBC Hardtalk and hard to get films


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

For what it's worth, here is a letter to the Editor of the Age today by Neil Tolliday, Ocean Grove. He is a friend of mine, and apparently has very strong views on the subject of Google and China.Actually I was surprised by the strength of his views because he is a very mild-mannered man usually.

Bullied by Beijing

I feel outraged that Google has caved into Beijing's censorship demands (World, 26/1). Ilived in China during the past two years, teaching at the Ocean University in Shandong Province. I was appalled at the ignorance of students about their own history. Only a tiny minority knew of the Tienanmen Square massacre because their access to information is censored by more than 30,000 police internet monitors. Google's denial of free information flow will add to the lies put out daily by the Chinese Government's media.
It is time for our Government to influence opportunities for democratic change in the world's biggest totalitarian state. I call on John Howard to demand free, worldwide web communication s a condition of sales of coal, iron, uranium and other resources to China.

6:54 pm  
Blogger George said...

Really Check

I have been reading comments from Google Blog. Some bloggers think that resticting china searces is evil.

For me this would only be an evil act if suppressing information means that Chinese people will be significantly negatively effected. I cant say that Googles act will do that.

The reality check is people in US have unfiltered access to the internet and still the majority of people think that Saddam Hussain caused 9/11. In this depate the value of access to information is overated and there are other external factors have more influence in understanding what the information means to them.

US citizens have only started to change their opinion on Saddams Influence on 9/11 when they had reason not to believe Bush anymore.

2:06 pm  

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