Monday, January 30, 2006

Dream Update – Things are not looking good

I am nearly at a stage where I am going to have to make a decision about going to my beach.

Yesterday I had more then 750 page views and 300 unique visitors but only one add was clicked. I need at least 100 clicks to survive on my beach. I am going to wait until the NFL draft to make my decision. Because I always have been interested in Pacific Islanders in NFL draft and always found it hard to find information on them so my Mock Draft should be adding value to people looking for that information.

Mum emailed me how come you are blogging so much, don’t you have work to do. Another Really Philosophy is a good manager is a manager that can manage himself out of a job. We just went live over the weekend with another company and so far no significant problems. My three teams seem to be running well without much input from me.

From around 4,500 unique visitors my only regulars are my mum and Jake on this blog. That is pretty bad. Its amazing that no one I know besides my family know that I am blogging. I suppose if I started blogging about rugby or soccer then that will change.

I suppose it not very ethical to create a blog but not willing to reveal your identity besides your first name. Hopefully that can change in the next few months


Blogger Jake Silver said...

I have the same wonder... nobody except my family and DSes know about my Blog. I can't believe NOBODY else in the USAF that I know has figured out that I blog. But give it time...

You need ad clicks, huh?

11:50 am  
Blogger George said...

I should be smart enough to work out another way to get income through the internet.

I am not into selling things and I love surfing the net and now blogging so it got to be something like that or I will have to stick to what I am currently doing.

Currently my job is pretty good but we are about to introduce 3G into this country which will mean working at least 11 hour days seven days a week. I have had enough of working like that.

1:11 pm  

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