Monday, January 30, 2006

50 Cent – Gangsta Rap - Keepin it Real

50 cent, Fifty Cent or fiddy is one of the most famous gangsta rappers out there and after just watching 50 cent movie Get Rich or die tryin I was on the assumption that it was based on fact not fiction. I enjoyed the movie but the critics have savaged the movie get rich or die tring for some reason.

I was a B-Boy in high school and actually taught hip hop classes with my crew at the local YMCA. My crew were mainly white kids trying to mimic what we saw on Beat Street and Electric Boogaloo. We use to have battles at the local disco called wogs

So I have been a rap fan from Grand Master Flash and the Furios five and my favourite crew was the Rock Steady Crew. If are into BreakDancing then you cant beat watching the dvd You got Served with the dancing comments on

On the current Gangsta Rap and the idea of keeping it Real. I would say the biggest influence has been by Eminem on saying how 50 Cent is the only one keeping it real. So now to be a popular gangsta rapper you have to have police record to be taken seriously.

Interesting thought that 50 cent doesn’t drink and smoke and was one of the hardest working rappers out there in terms of mixtapes.

I am guessing that Gangsta Rap has a negative effect on society for the following reasons
  • Portrays criminals as role models
  • Reduces the meme of following the law
  • It reduces the value of life
  • It can be racist and sexist
  • Promotes the meme that violence solves all problems

Even if the above is true I don’t think we should ban Gangsta Rap or Fifty Cent music. Only put in the repercussions when lyrics has violated the accepted parameters of society. Problem with music though is that it is continually pushing the envelope on accepted parameters so when will it be enough before it is a significant negative effect to society or are we already there?

I could be wrong though as Rap has been skirting my Radar for quite a while now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

50cent is holding it down I am only 13 and i listen to all his music i have every g-unit pair of shoes that come out in durham a 50 you the man dog by the way i be telling people you my uncle they don t believing but its cool

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