Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the Union Address 2006

Listened to the State of the Union Address by George Bush on BBC Radio. Was on the way to pick up my kids from school so didnt get all of it but from what the main points I heard were bringing freedom and democracy to new countries and to address the problem of baby boomers now reaching their sixties.

In terms of bringing Freedom and democracy interesting that I cant remember George Bush talking about China and North Korea. I wonder what backroom debate it took to leave those two countries out of the list. I am with George Bush on this and think that democracies and freedom should be incouraged in all countries were my main difference is that it should be localised democracy and freedoms that take into consideration the culture and values of the inhabitants.

I have discussed the implications of the Baby Boomers now reaching their sixties in my take of the World Economic Forum Debate. The threat is by the year 2020 more then half of Governments services will be spent on looking after the Baby Boomers.

I dont believe George Bush is a Republican in the normal sense and see all his motives in terms of increasing wealth for his backers. So when I listen to him. I use my take of his motives as a foundation to try and see what he is doing. My take is that if in 20 years the majority of Government Spending is on Baby Boomers it will mean less money for Pork projects!!. So this is why he wants a bipartison commission to look into solving this impending crisis and going against half the republicans in supporting immigration. As someone is going to have to pay for the services as the Baby boomers didnt produce enough kids to support them in their old age.

This wouldnt be a factor in the Islands as we still have the value of looking after our parents, uncles and auties when they retire and if they get sick, the current health system can't cope so usually its quick.

I now read that President urges the use of alternate energy sources to end the dependence on Middle East Oil. Bush states that he will increase research in batteries for hybrid and electric cars and pollution-free cars that run on hydrogen and ramp up investment in ethanol research in a bid to make a new type of ethanol available in six years.

For people that dont read this blog I have been pimping the use of ethanol since the start of this blog because my extended family has around six cane farms which are at risk becuase of the EU subsidy cuts. If Bush does this then I will do what was unthinkable before and support him.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

The unthinkable - to support him. NO way!
One or two good promises or ideas but how many disasters!
I cannot say what I really think because someone might bug my house! Ha ha.
Yes, it is worrying about the sugar industry in Fiji. The farmers work very hard at present for a small profit, but it looks grim for the future. They need to diversify and certainly grow a variety of different fruits and vegetables, be self-sufficient. What about noni/kura? Is that worth planting and taking seriously?

8:51 pm  

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