Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PTI – Roger Federer

There was No interview on Pardon the Interruption but my take on the main talking points are

On the question of who is more dominant Federer and Tiger I would say Federer who has won 7 grand slams he has been in. Still hasn’t won the French open where Tiger as won all majors. My opinion is that they has been a dominant tennis player like federer since Steffi Graff.

Federer was emotional in his win in Australia not sure why he broke down he states it was to do with relief of the hard fought victory and getting the Laver trophy from Ron Laver who he only met a few days earlier.

Still to early to comment on the superbowl but I think matt hassleback will have a good media day.

I have no problems with Brett Favre stunting Green Bays growth if he plays again next next year. As its show respect to players that have got you success. If he does play next year it wont be for the whole year.

Tiger woods who is now 30 has won 47 title in 10 years. Its still a long way to beat Jack Nicklosons Major records. But he seems to have got back his mojo.

12th Man is a generic term now but Texas A&M should get some rights for starting it.

Lebron is 5-0 with the white tights. Something that I think Kobe started. Tights for me is in the same fashion basket as socks up to your knees

Pedro my favourite pitches is questioning A-rod choice for playing for the US in the Baseball World Classic. I have already blogged that I think he wants to play for Dominican Republic

Kobe stated in Quite Frankly that his motivation is his peers stating that they would also be able to win the NBA title with Shaq. So he is going to win without Shaq. Unless Kobe changes his playing philosophy he is not going to win another title.

All the me first players coming into the NBA without much structured team coaching have made it much easier for the team structured teams to win.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

I watched the grand final (live on TV) of the tennis and Federer was amazing - he was down the first set, then slogged his way to win in the end. The crowd were barracking for the underdog - an unseeded guy from Cyprus, we really wanted him to win. Federer actually started crying when he was making his speech. A nice guy. Good luck to him.

8:57 pm  
Blogger Voicedup said...

Kobe has a chance to win a title if the team stays healthy if not he will only have championships with Shaq. He can never be comared to MJ.

3:39 pm  

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