Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Corporal Punishment Schools

Corporal Punishmennt in Schools is accepted practice in Pacific Island Schools (Fiji, Tonga and Samoa). My personal experience is corporal punishment was banned in primary school in Australia when I was in class three and there were only a few examples in high school when the teacher lost their patience.

I am in the only pacific island family that I know of that wasnt smacked by their parents. That is probably why I am so different!!.

I am bringing this up because of the following experience. My son andrew (class 2) on the weekend was asking if its okay if he can be an absent student. Then yesterday morning when I was gettting ready to go to work and drop the boys at school Andrew was asking us to hurry we ended up leaving earlier then normal. Before we left the house Andrew started crying in the car and I was asking him what was the problem. His teacher smacks all the kids that are late to school. After consoling him for a while I told him to take the smack and tommorow we will come to school earlier. I talked about talking to the teacher and my older son (Class 4) was adament not to do that.

So Andrew and five other kids got the belt for being late to school by their teacher. Last night Andrew was pressuring us to make sure the we leave early and so this morning we ended up getting to school one hour earlier then normal.

At school, my experience is if a teacher doesnt like you, you are in trouble for the rest of that year. As myself and my friends would do the same acts but my friends would get in trouble. So creating a bad perception for Andrew is not something I want todo.

In the next few weeks there is going to a class meeting were the parents meet the class teacher so I am going to attack this problem with a few other parents and all bring it up so not to single out Andrew for the rest of the year. This is probably wimpish as my Father would have confronted the teacher straight away.

My take on corporal punishment is that it hasnt been a bad effect on Jordan. But because of people like Andrews Teacher that abuse Corporal Punishment then they should probably scrap Corporal Punishment. Again I never experienced being smacked so not sure about the pyschological scars. When my son doesnt want to come to school then I know its serious.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

I am appalled by young children being beaten for being late for school. He is a gorgeous kid and intelligent and school should be a delight for learning and socialising.
You have to balance out though the consequences if a fuss is made. As you say, children can cop it for a long time. Jordan is right perhaps - just take it for the moment.

Or plan to find a better school.

8:51 am  

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