Friday, February 03, 2006

The Beach

Before both my parents have been giving me some posts for this blog and Set. Now they have the blogging bug and have created their own blog Babasiga to promote tourisms in our area of Fiji.

My father was one of the first indigenous fijians to create a resort in Fiji which was probably twenty years to early. I am supposed to pick up on the dream and develop it but I am more interested in IT related activities and TV sport.

I was emailed some pictures today from that period. I dont know where they got the pictures from because I cant remember seing the pictures of Nukutatava

Currently the beach has less land and less cocunut trees then the photo, mainly because of erosion from the Sea. There is no pumped water and electricity but luckily we have fresh spring water coming from the rocks which goes into a tank.

This old photo is of the Bure's that were created to serve the guests. I remember reading a letter from the ex Governer of Fiji saying how he had a lovely time at Nukutatava



Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hmmm George! A time and place can be captured in our memory as special. When we go back to a place there is often disappointments when the shoreline changes, hurricanes knock down houses, neighbours intrude and shift the boundary. I have been back a few times and the place still has some pleasure when there is a light breeze and Vorovoro looks lovely in the distance. In recent years one of the relatives planted a row of orchids which is nice. But there is so much potential that has not yet been realised there. I am still double-minded about appropriate development, eco-tourism or the whole shegang of a tourist resort. I really don't like the resort idea.

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