Thursday, February 02, 2006

Google shares drop.

Google shares dropped around 19% in after hours trading then climbed back to an 8% loss after missing Wall Street profit targets.

At one stage it wiped $20 billion of Google Market value. It is always interesting when people go on about these huge sums of market value losses. I wonder what factor of that was real money that was lost as I guessing the majority of shareholders bought stock at significantly less then what Google is being quoted now.

When google starts focusing on whats happening to its Market Value is the time it is going to do a Microsoft which I suppose is not a bad thing for Google but is not a good thing for us.

I have found that staff who have more passion about doing their work usually do better work, are more productive and better team players then staff that focus on the financial rewards they receive,. Why cant this analogy be used for corporations.

My understanding of the market is that it is perception based which means that restricting searches in China will have an effect on Investors. Like for me if I had the cash I would like to have shares in Google because it would be cool to have shares in Google and some of those people that did have my sentiments have now changed because of the China Issue.

One of the main positives of market value besides purchasing hardware is by giving Google the ability to purchase technology that will add value to the Google brand.


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