Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blog Update: Value of Misspelt Words

I am now in my eigth week of blooging and am avereging around 300 unique visitors a day for this blog. I have split the wrestling information into a separate blog and because of that. The wrestling blog has a large number of page views per visitor compared to this one which is usally one visitor to one page view.

I think this blog is to scattered but that is the way I am.

Majority of my hits are now from my 2006 NFL Mock Draft post which is being referenced in a NFL draft site.

Half my Search hits come from misspelt words and Google is 82% of my searches so I am nearly at the point of giving up on MSN and Yahoo. Interesting how I had one comment from a reader saying that they whould never believe anything I said because I misspelled someones name. That is so old school and I understand that is one of ingredients of being ranked high in Yahoo. Like I have posted before for me its more important to me is the accuracy of the points being discussed then what it looks like.

My lost URLs have been found by google and am now waiting for the Mock Draft, 50 cent post and Limeware post to see how that effects the search hits.

I am now mainly posting stuff that I would want to read on the internet like Pacific Islanders in the NFL, Sport, Google, Technology news and Political Ramblings.

I spend at least 5 hours a day on bloggins and a significant amount of time is spent on looking for best keywords with not many search results. It feels like an old prospector mining for gold in a river but instead of gold I am looking for nuggets of information.

The super 14 in rugby is about to start and I might start risking posting about that competition. Doing that will mean a lot of different repercussions.

I dont think I will meet my goals for Adsense but I should be able to find something else. I love making predictions and then being right about them. There has got to be some economic value in that!!.

I could always gamble in sports and horses but there is to much work in getting the information needed to make the value predictions besides the huge risk of long losing runs.


Blogger Jake Silver said...

Is this the first time you've mentioned your WWE Blog on this Blog? I like the WWE. I'm sure I would have noticed.

11:42 am  
Blogger George said...

I have just created it, I am just starting with bio of my kids favourite stars.

Mainly a copy a paste job to start with then I will add some more content

I am still playing around with title and words to see what will work.

Problem here is we are two months behind unless I purchase pirated wwe dvds which are a fews week behind

My best pesuasion tool is say to my kids they are not going to watch wrestling.

I am old school WWF fan but you should see our house when a big WWE match is on.

11:54 am  

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