Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blogger Blogspot Down

Blogger's Blogspot was down for me for nearly six yours, sometime between 9am and 3pm Fijian time (GMT +12). I first realised there was a problem yesterday as when posting I was having problem's publishing posts. An example was when a post was published you were able to edit the post but not view it.

The problem came to a head today when I was not able to view my posts. Started to get paranoid thinking that I was banned from Blogger but when I wasnt able to view Google's own blog at an internet cafe I knew it was problem with Blogspot as I was still able to access blogger but was only able to access blogs without blogspot in the URL

What I is now worrying me is how the search engines will effect rankings as I know if you click a search result and it cant be found. That action tells the search engine to downgrade the post or get rid of it from the rankings.

Its all cool now, worse case scenario would be if I lost all my posts. Have backed up all my archives and this event plus sitemaps not able to work with Blogspot may be tipping point for me to go to a web hosting service.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Calm down! I also found it wouldn't open and I guessed it wasn't my fault! Seems I know more about this 'blogging' thing than you George! Ha ha!
Except I posted something and the pic came up three times and I had to delete the post!
I was interested in your post the other day on the cartoon in Denmark and the repercussions. Venus posted something on the Forum from a New Zealand news story about it that is interesting.

7:02 pm  
Blogger George said...

posted the new zealand editorial on the cartoons.

Just realised if Blogger includeds full functionality of Sitemaps then Google would need more hardware.

I would take Blogger just working over the extra value of full sitemap functionality for now.

9:45 am  

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