Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl XL Ramblings

The following is my Superbowl XL Ramblings from Pittsburgh win over the Seattle Seahawks

My streak of picking winners has been broken as I picked the seahawks to win. I was never confident about this game.

Good ending to superbowl for the Bus as he stated its his last bus stop in detroit. Good career and it will be interesting to see if he gets in the first round of the hall of fame

Polamalu looked injured that is probably why he was being used as a decoy the majority of the game.

Matt Hasselback looked very nervous during the first half.

What happened to jackson I dont think the ball was thrown to him in the second half.

I was laughing at the majority of the Rollings Stones half time show. Besides rocker's singing I cant get any satisfaction to gang that could be their grand children. The sound sytem was pretty bad and does jagger need a walking stick. I think his comment that it was never one his goals to sing at the Superbowl sums up the performaance. On that note who sung the National Anthem and who was that lady that finished it.

Wille Parkers big run was from a huge block on Tatupu. Lofa Tatupu led all tacklers in the game and I think the seahawks defense played well except for two plays mainly because of the injury of their safety. But thats football.

I have never seen NFL referees make so many bad calls. Half of Seatles good plays were called back because of marginal calls that weren't being called against the Steelers.

When taking into consdiration of the game I didnt take into effect how much the NFL wants an old school NFL owner to win compared to Paul Allen an owner that just turns up to the match one day before the game.

Didnt see all the islanders that I blogged about in the Final at least pacific islanders have go into some people radars. I cant believe how PC some commentators are when the wont even mention that both Troy Polamula and Loga Tatupu are both samoan.

I took today off to watch the superbowl but I think the referees performance degraraded the superbowl experience for me.

Following is good superbowl xl diary from Bill Simmons

Michael smith an interesting article on the referree's performance


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