Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gmail Gtalk the way forward

So GMail and GTalk engineers and have go together and enabled chat in GMail.

So Gmail is now just another XMPP client that connects to the Google Talk network. So Gmail users will be able to chat with any of the millions of users on the Google Talk and Jabber networks.

I think this is a cool feature that not only adds value to Gmail but to the Google Talk Network.

I like the ability to search your old chats, as I only use MSN for work so need to keep history for reference. The majority of the people I know have a Gmail account and I have just created a gmail account from my parents. I am sure this will make it much easier to setup up chat functionality for my parents and then connect to them, which was the issue for me.

Next step is to integrate GSkype/GCam into gmail and Google is on their way to the next kller application.


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