Thursday, February 09, 2006

Back to Reality

First full day that I havent blogged as yesterday I received a complaint from the GM of our major client. One of our managers has been away on leave and I was supposed to look after that section. I dropped the ball on that issue as I should have taken the responsibility of the section without being told. So now I am looking after that section which is not like my other sections which are self motivated. Means more micro managing which in turns means less time for blogging.

Since the superbowl the visitors are averaging less then 200 unique visitors are day and slowly decreasing. The longer I am doing this the longer I think that my dream is not going to be fulfilled. Such is Life.

The babasiga blog is going full swing and producing a lot of unique content on the northen part of Fiji.

I now have a good handle on how to get urls on Google and MSN search engine and how to improve the ranking which is pretty cool. It seems all search engines give a url a bump in ranking which is reduced over certain time intervals. The titles are also very important in rankings


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks for mentioning the babasiga blogsite because, sobosobo, nobody visits us I think. Google haven't put is in their search engines it seems even though we are busy posting two or three pieces every day! Content isn't broad-based though, mainly about northern Fiji.
I don't know how to make those links that you experts do to offer more information. Enough for me at present just to do what I'm doing. There's two of us and we take it in turns posting, sometimes contradicting one another perhaps!
What's the rule about cutting and pasting other people's material - sometimes they do say 'copyright' but I reckon when we quote their material it is a compliment - as long as we acknowledge the source. Okay?

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