Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wrist Watch Decline

I was listening to a BBC radio report on how their is currently a decline in the use of wrist watches as people of today use their iPods and mobile phones. This issue was also in an article by the Inquirer.

I never wore a watch at school and the majority of my working life. It was only when I was in management that I started wearing a casio wrist watch. Besides having a good body clock, I used my computers time, wall clock and asked people, the time. Asking people the time was a good conversation starter.

I started wearing a watch to look more profesional and now I feel naked without wearing my wrist watch. Interesting my watch hasnt been working properly for the last week.

I now realise the extra benefits of wearing a wrist watch which you gain an extra five seconds by comparing a wrist movement to taking out the mobile, unlock it, read the time then put in back in my pocket.

The perceptions of wearing a watch is changing I think that in the end when a gadget is easier to read the time then a wrist watch it will be only used as a perception statement.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

I buy a watch about every ten years and when it goes bung that's it. I ask people the time if I can't see a clock and usually if the guy or girl is young they just open up their mobile phone. Watcher 2 bought another watch this morning at the Sunday market because his watch got wet and wouldn't work. He buys one about every year! I really just rely upon my own body clock and guess the time and it is nearly always close to the actual time.

11:21 pm  

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