Sunday, February 12, 2006

smoking cessation New Zealand Experience

My wife has just returned from New Zealand and gave her experience of Smoking Cessation policies in New Zealand. My wife smokes but not around me.

From what she told me in New Zealand is that you are now not allowed to smoke in your own homes. She went to New Zealand for a wedding and two weeks after the wedding the brides father ended up dying mainly from smoking related issues. He was in hospital for one week and my wife ended up visiting him every day.

Her experience in the Hospital was that people who wanted to smoke had to smoke outside. So you had the situation of patients rolling their drips outside, visitors, pregnant ladies all congregating outside the emergency unit and the flower garden was full of butts.

Interesting follow up is that bride parents live on a secluded island. So when they ended up opening his safe in a 3 million dollar house, there was six packets of cigarettes inside the safe.

I have never smoked cigarettes so I dont have any of the smoking experience only that my friends in High School, University and work usually smoked. From what I gather smoking usage has levelled off. So I dont know why people smoke or how hard it is to stop smoking.

My house policy is that no one smokes around the kids, I have accepted the risks of passive smoking so it doesnt significantly bother me if other people smoke around me.

Smoking cessation policies in Fiji seems to have reduced smoking as Fiji has copied alot of the non smoking policies around the western world. I think the best factor effecting the reduction of smoking is actually the price of cigarettes.


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Apart from the sadness of the death, there is certainly humour in your story George. I can just see the faces of the family when they opened up that safe, expecting lots of money! And the picture of the patients with their drips, still smoking like chimneys outside the door of the hospital!
I have a sticker in our lounge room about not smoking and used to have a beauty - something like - 'you'll be karate chopped if you dare smoke here.' The guys from the old Captain Wallis used to turn it to the wall and carry on with the smoking once I left the room. Smoking and kava drinking seemed to go together,but not so much now. I've noticed that smokers now just go outside. Yes, cigarettes are costly.
We were visiting a couple the other evening - for the first time, and Peceli wanted to buy smokes for the guy - the Fiji pig-hunter- who loves his cigarettes - he's over here on a two months visa and has no money - but I put my foot down, and we bought groceries for the lady of the house instead! I've never smoked more than a tenth of a cigarette and nearly choked anyway so was never interested. Give Bale some incentive to cut the habit!

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