Sunday, February 12, 2006

Religious Sensitivities other Political Ramblings

I have got another analogy in which publishing Mohammed cartoons to muslims would be worse then racist cartoon against blacks that I find offensive. I now found that a middle east newpaper published these cartoons last year with minimum disruption. The main problem now is not how offensive things are, but how sensitive a large number of muslim countries have become to the west.

An analogy is my right arm was burnt from the sun from my long trip yesterday so now it is very sensitive to the sun and any touch. But hopefully it will make my skin browner so making it harder for the sun to do that damage again but there is still the possibility of skin cancer. I hope the muslim sensitivies to western comments will make them stronger to this sort of abuse and not get infected and becoming Inoperable.

Still going with the sunburnt analogy if I dont regularly expose my arm to the sun then there is a bigger chance of damage when it is exposed to the sun in the future. This is the same for religions it needs to be opened up against contructive critisism otherwise if it hides in the dark it will be burnt the first time it sees any type of criticism.

In other political news

Just watched BBC news items in how British Muslims were demonstrating showing how a peaceful demonstration should take place and that they were british. They denounced the demonstration of muslims which I mentioned before.

Arial Sharon is having more complications with his health but his kadima party is doing well. I think the kadima party is the way forward in Israel and just to show how things are geting better. Palestianans were interviewed and were hesitant to say anything bad about sharon, while he was sick. In my yahoo email account I got a very good add to visit Israel. As in conflict management it is sometimes better to show the real faces and get the truth out and then move on from there.

On other news concerning Mohammed Cartoons all danish people have been told to leave indonesia as they are under threat my some militant groups in Indonesia. We are having a few problems in Fiji as one of the papers stupidly published the cartoons.


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