Sunday, February 12, 2006

tic tac toe and connect four

Generally in primary school kids go through certain recreation phases, I remember the top and marble phases in my school days. Well the kids in jordans primary school are now playing tic tac toe. As everyone knows from watching the moving "war games" when playing proper tic tac toe strategy no one wins. Well I was trying to teach that to jordan with some success. When showing jordan I was actually thinking about the game Connect Four.

Well Bale has brought the game connect four back from New Zealand and we have been playing it. If the gang at home want to play me then we play for 10 push ups. I actually lost once to Jordan. I remember playing chess and beating my father around jordans age so can understand how my father go upset with me. Next I will have teach jordan how to play chess as he knows how to play checkers.


Anonymous watcher in oz said...

What about Monopoly? I remember how competitive kids can be with that game! Or even making up your own set of rules and cards.
I like the idea of ten press-ups when you lose a game, but that would be a bit hard on a grandma or grandpa wouldn't it?
Games are better than isolating kids in their own computer games because at least they are looking at real people!

11:16 pm  

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