Monday, February 13, 2006

Cavs keep Lebron James Program

A new article on How the Cavs plan to keep LeBron James.

A summary of what the new owner Dan Gilbert is doing to keep Lebron James
  • Cavs offer him a five-year, maximum contract extension worth about $75 million
  • Upgrade the talent around Lebron James;
  • James' other close friends and family members get to watch games with Gilbert and his fellow owners in his courtside box
  • Hired one of Lebrons posse Randy Mims, Mims traveled with James during his first two years and rode the team jet; this season, he became an official employee of the team.
  • Rework the practice schedule around special events for Lebron James
  • At certain road games, members of James' group are sometimes given the premium tickets usually reserved for visiting owners or general managers while the Cavs personnel finds other seats.
  • Renovated the Cavs' locker room, complete with televisions in every locker -- James has two -- along with video game and stereo systems.
  • He upgraded the players' food service before and after games and on the team jet and he remade the family room at the arena
So recently James said "I can't wait to sign my extension," and "I'm very happy here."

I have already blogged how its very hard for high school player to lead a team to a NBA championship. Kobe Bryant lakers team was led by Shaq Oneal.

Interesting that currently the four best teams in the NBA Detroit, Mavericks, Spurs and Miami Heat dont have any dominant High School Players.

So is Dan Gilbert starting a bad precedent and can Lebron lead the Cavaliers to a championship. I understand Gilbert will get value for his actions and that with Lebron the Cavaliers will have a better chance to get to NBA finals.

What I am seing is that experienced players changing teams to have a better chance of winning championships and Gilbert biase for Lebron will be a big negative in getting those players. I cant see a team dominated by a high school player winning four games against a structured team of veterans.


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