Friday, February 17, 2006

PTI - Mike Davis demise at Indiana

Indiana's college basketball coach Mike Davis was featured in todays Pardon the Interruption. Mike Davis was also the topic of Jason Whitlock latest column.

The main points argued for Mike Davis Demise at Indiana were
  • Mike was not from Indiana and Davis says that Indiana needs a hoosier to coach Indiana
  • Mike did not respect Bobby Knight
  • Davis did not look after Indiana Recruits
  • Davis was never comfortable at Indiana

My take is you cant feel sorry for Mike Davis as he led Indiana to Championship game and is leaving with $800,000 severance pay. I do think that Indiana should be coached by a player that played for Bobby Knight

On other news from PTI.

Vijay Sing seems to have rekindled his fued with Phil Mickelson. Reminds me of creating fueds to get extra motivation.

Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper is being shopped around for a second round draft pick. This needs a "really" check I would take Culpepper over Matt Lienart and Jay Cutler.

Guillen calling Alex Rodriguez a hypocrite for choosing USA, I think those sort of comments prove Alex's point on why he didnt want to choose between the Dominican Republic or the United States in the World Baseball Classic.

Nascar drivers Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was interviewed during PTI and interesting comment was the he aknowledged that sometimes drivers have to relieve themselves in the their cars


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