Thursday, February 16, 2006

Paid to surf read email or take part in a survey

As my dreams of adsense wealth is looking dimmer as the day goes by I was looking at other way of getting income from the internet and come across these dubios methods in getting income from surfing the internet.

I will list each method form my one days experience on getting paid to surf the internet.

Get Paid To Take Surveys
I think this has the most realistic value as if you pick the right people their opinions could be of value. I actually think Google has the best opportunity in this by having all the opinions of bloggers and info from websites in which the googlebot would be able make some good automated surveys.

The sites I have checked ask for money to register or award points.

Get Paid To Surf The Web
Logically this doesnt make sense unless you are trying to increase page view or unethically click adds.

The sites I have checked seem to be some sort of pyramid scheme or have a toolbar that will show adds while you are viewing.

There is also some sort of scheme where you deposit a certain amount and depending on the number sites you click it will effect the interest gained on the deposit.

Get Paid To Read Email

You list the type of things you are interested in and advertisers will send you an email with their website which is to be clicked. From what I have seen you will get half a cent for each viewing and less then ten email will be sent daily

Get Paid To Play Games
Note sure about this but the concept is that you get paid to play games and by being on a site you get bombarded by adds. I havent found a site that does this

Get Paid To Search

Get paid for searching keywords to try and increase rankings for advertisers for certain keywords. Not sure how this works either

Besides being paid to take surveys, in the end if the above methods were actually financialy viable then you would have a large number people in third world countries being paid to surf and read emails. Which I dont think is happening.

Where to for now??


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

they all look like duds to me. Stay with your day job!
You should not ever pay to get into a scheme! They all sound dodgy to me or a waste of your time.
Go out and smell the mokosoi flowers!

9:39 am  
Blogger --~~~~ said...

Just joined this PTR and I've already received my first payment in just 4 days!!!


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It takes all of about 15 minutes to get any Web page you want visited by the search engines and indexed, sometimes, in less than a few hours.

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