Saturday, February 18, 2006

New modules for Googles Personalised home page

The Google Sidebar is one of my favourite tools and Google has incoporated a lot of the panels available for the Google Home page. The modules available for the home page can be found here

The homepage for Google is also getting faster which is a good thing. As I am starting to use my Google homepage as my default address.

In other tech news the end of scratched CDs is nigh. Scratch-Less is bringing its brand of CD-Rs and recordable DVDs to stores. It's also looking to license its technology to other disc makers, so consumers may eventually enjoy glitch-free prerecorded music and movies. Meanwhile, industry giants such as Toshiba are spending millions to develop their own scratch-proof media. With next-generation DVD formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray cramming more data onto discs, it will be more important than ever to protect them from peanut butter.


Blogger Axel Segebrecht said...

Hi George, just read your comment on Lydia's Blog and thought I'd check yours out.

Thanks for the tipp! I've been using Google's portal for a while now and don't know how to live without it.

Dunno how to trackback to Blogger but I've written a post on that subject on my blog.

11:39 pm  

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