Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blog Base to compete with Adsense

After reaching my first $100 with Google Adsense, Google banned my account probably because some of my family were clicking on Adds in Fiji. I accepted that so my dream has taken a big setback.

That is probably the main reason I havent posted for the last week besides being in a huge go live. But I have now identified that it may be possible to get advertising without having to follow all the strict rules of adsense e.g not being able to promote clicking the add!!!.

I think amazon has the best internet add method in terms of a blogger can find the types of product to advertise on posts and will only be paid by the orders created from the add. Problem is Amazon is to limited in the number of products available but now google is setting up a google payment method and Blog Base is now becoming the framework to compete with Ebay and Amazon.

So hopefully some smart person/company will be able to link blogs traffic/orders to widgets on Blog Base and I will be back in business.

I think the ability to choose what type of adds are shown on a post is a major plus for the blogger and widget owner. I am also for more customised adds in a post compared to adds for a whole site.

More information on what consitutes click fraud can be found here. Man did I screw up by getting kicked off Adsense, I have had around 25 amazon clicks a day with no income


Blogger twins15 said...

Shut down the account? Dang, that sucks.

Was it just because your relatives were clicking like 10 times a day from the same IP or something?

6:05 pm  
Blogger George said...

Its cool, I actually expected it so wasnt supprised when it happened. At least the gang that was clicked on got their money back.

Thats what happens when you experiment to much.

Xooglers adsense account was also disabled and the blogger of Xooglers helped design the policy for adsense. Makes you go ummm.

Here is hoping that my prediction of Blog Base comes to fruition and google doesnt get any bad karma

7:43 pm  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I don't think your relatives clicked on more than one every other day! Google just didn't want to cough up the $100! Good to see you back posting. We still haven't put links in the side-bar because there's no reference to a side-bar in our template! We need to ask our Tuvalu friend for a hand to do it. I am scared of deleting the whole blog!

10:19 pm  
Blogger George said...

Just say in the first month my relatives in fiji did click adds. I wanted to see how adsense worked.

I think google just has to be strict based on the perception of click fraud

To put links on the sidebar you have to access your template and replace "edit-me" with the link you want.

10:49 pm  
Blogger twins15 said...

By the way, how long did it take for you to get to $100?

1:10 pm  

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