Saturday, March 11, 2006

UB40 twenty Five years later

UB40 is one of my favourite bands and they played in Fiji last night.

I have watched UB40 three times in Australia but this had to be the best UB40 concert I have been. Last time I saw them was more then 10 years ago and their stage production has increased significantly. So myself and my kids went to watch UB40 last night and it was awesome. Best concert I have seen in my life. Nothing like watching a live band playing some of my favourite songs.

UB40 uses a lot of horns in their music and I forgot how much influence the horns have have on their songs. I am into Reggae Rap and last night I realised that Astro must have been one of the originators of that form and probably why I like Reggae Rap

Currently there is a large christian voice against UB40 playing in Fiji because they have a concert planned for Sunday so I was not able to take my stepson whose family he is staying with would not allow epa to go. Real pity as when he stays with us he is constantly playing UB40. Interesting thing on the UB40 debate in Fiji is that UB40 is made up of many different races and showed how they can work together for more then 25 years which is something that is needed in Fiji.


Anonymous peceliandwendy said...

Yes. Red red wine. We have records and tapes here. I remember back too to those years and wasn't it good that our sons did not get into Heavy Metal but mostly played Reggae and Pacific music!

10:11 am  

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