Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gaming with your kids the next generation

The Philly Inquirer is running a nice article about why parents game with their children. Seems that adult gamers are still on the rise.

In a national survey released in January, 35 percent of 501 parents living with children age 2 to 17 said they played computer or video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

And why not? The oldest of the original Nintendo generation - the console debuted in the United States in 1985 - are now about 30, prime breeding years. They remain enthusiastic about the medium. Last year, the average age of a gamer was 30, up from 28 in 2000, according to Peter D. Hart Research Associates, based in Washington.

At GamerDad.com, parents seek advice on consoles, on family-friendly titles, and on when their progeny will have the dexterity to handle a joystick. Launched in 2003, the site has 60,000 unique visitors a month, said founder Andrew Bub, 35.

Last Sunday myself Andrew and Jordan went to one of my workmates house to have a Lan Party. So we had three notebooks and one computer networked. Some of the best quality time I have had over the last year with my kids is when were a playing computer games over our home network.

I started playing video games since pong so dont have any problems playing computer games with my kids. I have been working seven days a week for quite a while now, so it was actually a good break.

Interesting though that some of my staff say that its immature to play computer games but before blogging it was the best way for me to kill time and escape from work stress.


Anonymous peceliandwendy said...

Hi George and it amazes me how in each generation parents interact with their children differently. Computer games! I wouldn't have a clue, though Peceli gets engrossed in some games on our second computer! Spending quality time with kids is crucial of course whether it's sport, MOnopoly games or whatever. When I was a kid our parents worked so hard we didn't really talk to them much. We drove sheep together though through Dead Horse Lane, went mushrooming, fishing. The best times were holidays down at the beach, though my mother had to cook and clean still. I regret now that I talked more with my father and left my mother to her household tasks. A mistake. Hey, this is International Women's Day too!

2:50 pm  
Blogger Jake Silver said...

I myself don't get into Video Games... I have enough on my plate already I think ... but probably Tate will get older and want them and he'll probably get them. Love the sea-shelled "Really" logo.

12:40 am  

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