Tuesday, March 07, 2006

White American College basketballers performing above expectations

I have just read an interesting article by espn's pat forde on Is this crop of white stars a fluke or a trend

Article was on how White American College basketballers above perceptions
In a startling spasm of inverse desegregation, this season has been dominated by Duke's J.J. Redick and Gonzaga's Adam Morrison. They don't come from overseas (such as last year's player of the year, Andrew Bogut) or north of the border (reigning NBA MVP Steve Nash). The two high-scoring upperclassmen are neck-and-neck for the national scoring title, they're the only realistic contenders for national player of the year honors, and their bicoastal competition has captured the country's imagination.

The main points to back his arguments are
  • 1970 was the last time two white guys stood atop college basketball
  • There is a chance that the first-team consensus All-America team will be a majority-white affair for the first time in 36 years
  • The nation's No. 1 team, Duke, has started a majority-white lineup for the first time in a decade. Four other AP Top 25 teams start majority-white lineups as well (Gonzaga, West Virginia, North Carolina and Iowa)
  • In America's best league, the Big East, white players led the conference through mid-February in eight of 12 statistical categories

Main reasons of the above by Pat Forde are
  • White college players are staying longer in college and dont have to compete against NBA early entry players eg Lebron
  • Crossover kids, who have defined their game within the black cultural forces at work in music and, especially, in basketball
  • The kids who kept playing basketball through the white flight from the sport are made of sterner stuff. They had to be to survive and thrive in an era when the repeated message what that white men can't jump, can't play and don't belong.

My take on why American White College Players are doing better. Is the change of perception of white players and basketball. Look at the 2006 all star game besides having a large contigent of white players they were all overseas players. Overseas players are not scared of playing African American Players as shown by their wins in the Olympics.

USA loss in the olympics to me was a significant factor as it showed kids that you dont have to have tons of athletic ability to win in basketball and showed US White players that they can play against the NBA's best.

I also think a big factor is white kids like the professor in AND1 who have crossed over, have nerves of steel and dont have any problem with the race issue.

I also think the AND1/Sportscentrer Basketball culture has had a significant effect on African Americans in becoming less team players so less likely to be in a team that performs well.


Anonymous Ed Bacchus said...

You should also consider all the exceptional black high school players are opting not to go to college and head straight for the NBA, or they leave college early.

11:39 am  

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