Saturday, March 11, 2006

Team Bonding a trip to the Beach

Since we have just been part of a successful go live that SAP Australia initially said wasnt feasible, I took my team to the beach yesterday afternoon. We have scheduled this trip a few times already but something always comes up. So around 11am I made the call to go to beach at Pacific Harbour which takes takes around 45 minutes to drive. So everyone got their things and we organised the trip.

So at around 2:30pm the majority of my project and development teams were at the beach. It is Private beach and cost $5 a carload we took four vehicles so I think it was good value especially since it was a thursday afternoon and no one else was on the beach. Fun playing beach soccer, riding horses, swimming, Fiji Bitter, Heinikans and Wine.

The picture above was taken from mobile phone with panamaric view. I was amazed how software in the camera assists you in merging three photos together. Also good experience sipping heinakins with the above view.

I really believe I have one of the best/smartest teams in Fiji and we have Australian, Fijian, Hindu, Muslim, Gujerati and myself!!. A great mix and totally different to my other team which has a similar mix. Bad apples are the biggest killers in a team and one can kill the effectiveness of the whole bunch.

All in all it was a good bonding experience, so we can focus on the remaining issues for the current project. Next bonding experience lined up is taking part in paintball challenge in one of the local resorts. Problem though is I think all the team members are still wired though as you need a few days before you can really relax


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