Saturday, March 11, 2006

Brazil Leading Effort to Boost Ethanol Use

A new article at Yahoo explains how Brazil is leading the effort to boost ethanol Use.

The main points in the article are
  • Renewable fuel is used to power seven of every 10 new Brazilian cars
  • Bush has set 2025 as the target date for replacing three-fourths of the oil imported from the Middle East with American ethanol
  • Brazilian drivers turned to "flex-fuel" cars, buying ethanol at half the price of gas until late last year.
  • Some experts predict flex-fuel car sales will reach 90 percent of Brazil's new car market within several years
  • many American drivers don't even know their vehicles can run on E85, and the fuel is available at only 610 American filling stations
  • Ethanol remains cheaper than gas, but flex-fuel car drivers can get better fuel efficiency with gas when the price difference between the two narrows significantly.
  • Oil could drop to $35 or $40 per barrel, and ethanol producers would still make money.
I have already blogged some of the things mentioned above but what is the most interesting thing about the ethanal article is that it broke that top 10 Yahoo viewed news articles and top five emailed articles. So ethanol is starting to become a "popular" topic.

I am biased in this as I have interest in cane farming as we have around 60 small cane farms on our tribal land


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